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1935 Continental Standard

Serial #576373-1

This typewriter I had saved from the removal to the landfill two years ago.

It was very dirty and thickly smeared with grease.
Decals were overwritten, the paint on the keyboard frame crumbled.
After thorough washing under a hot shower with menthol shampoo machine began to look and work much more decent.

The difference of this typewriter from others is that the carriage return lever is located on the right side. of the carriage. The left lever is the cariiage release lever.

Two years have passed, and the machine still smells like menthol and need to be painted)

Owned By: Sergei Viktorovich

Username: Sergei110
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 3791
Galleries: 68
Collection: 53
Sightings: 15

I'm Sergei, I was made in Russia)))))))
I wouldn't call myself a hunter - I just love typewriters, use them and collect some of them.
Many of it comes and goes out, solds to someone else, and others who "gets" me, remains)
I can't tell where I've developed a passion for typewriters. It seems that I was born with it. At least for as long as I can remember, I have always loved it. The first machine I bought in 2008. It was our, Soviet "Lyubava", a copy of "Erika". Before it, I've seen typeriters only on pictures)

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