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1936 Corona Standard

Serial #1C151025

back side of corona

Portable "L C Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc" on the front in Gold Old English lettering. On the panel above the keys are the words in gold old English:"CORONA" and directly below in silver is the word"STANDARD". There are several letters between the "Corona and Standard" Stamped into the metal. MD and AS with numbers i cannot make out.

model number that I could see was 1C151025 on the frame under it is "043B" Serial number i could not make out. It shows it being a 1935 Standard Clipper with Floating shift.

On the back is the lettering in gold "CORONA Made in USA

Also, the strike guide, below where the keys hit, has the words in handwriting: "Floating" SHIFT" in a red circle. Above the circle is a roman numeral I believe. I have not found that on any others. The keys are perfect with added characters. I think three on each key, bottom top and middle on some not on all.

It is in near pristine condition, kept in a the case by a man who collected anything and everything. Judging from the ribbon and the rubber it had very little use. It is not reconditioned. It has the original case with matching numbers. It has some wear on it and rust on the single latch on the front. It locks into place in the case with ease. The one scratch is in the back where it slide into the notch above the back. It is on eBay for sale. I purchased so many items that I have no room for this and many others.

Lots of production equipment, Lietze, Keystone Projector with edit and splice capabilities Crescent Tape real to real from the 40's.

Owned By: rocky Robinson

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Collector of all things not on the open market. It can be in art, old quack machines, old items used for something you would never imagined. I sell for serious collectors of all kinds of things, between the two of them, that is well over 2000 items. And each one is different and collectable. That is what I find most interesting and satisfying, the hunt for every items and it all has history. Been selling and buying since 1987. These two I sell for, they have collected for 40 years or more each. It is a treasure hunt and a glimpse in to history.

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Inside case

Red floating shift mark

back side of corona

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