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1928 Continental Standard

Serial #353446

I hope that this gallery would not be considered as a spam. This machine is not in mint condition or rare piece. Honestly, it is scrap… But I find some sort of beauty in this rusty beaten piece of machinery. The story of this Continental begins with another writer of the same brand. I bought 1923 Continental in great condition. But it was missing tabulator lever. So, I bought this machine. Original plan was to use it as source of spare parts for all my other Continentals. I take out desired lever and make ’23 complete. After that, I asked myself: is this poor machine able to write? Only crucial missing part was string which is pulling carriage, and it was easy to make a new one. After some(really not so much) cleaning (I find hazelnut in it) and oiling… It came to live! Now, I really love this machine. I named it Schrottík, which is german-czech play on words and in english it would be Scrappy. The paint is original, no one bothered through years to repaint it. I like the way, how the keyboard is devastated. Beaten machines usually have rusty key rings or some broken glass, but this one is beautiful. I like that missing A is replaced by V upside down, different key rings and letters or N which is only imaginary. Other aspect to love is machine's outcome. It is really old "typewritery" with half printed and jumpy letters.
Now, it is on display next to shiny "like new" machines and I am proud of it, because in some way, this is a unique machine.

Owned By: Vlastimil Novak

Username: Schrei112
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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1928 Continental Standard Type Sample


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