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1935 Corona Standard

Serial #1C 7444

This typewriter was a gift from Katie, my girlfriend, and was my first Corona Flat top (my favorite portable typewriter style/model). Given the serial number, 7444, it's one of the first 7500 flat tops ever produced (the first year, 1935, went up to serial number 34770).

We picked it up in Roanoke VA from the nephew of the the original owner. Had a great time picking it up, because it turns out the seller is a car guy, and showed me two of his award winning show cars; an all original Jaguar E-Type (which is also his weekend car that he'll drive to local shows) and a fully restored Austin Healey Sprite (which only gets trailered to shows). Needless to say, as a car guy myself, this was a treat.

This typewriter embodies a style of typewriter I personally believe every collector should have; looks beat up, has a lot of character, but functions beautifully.

Owned By: JP Huard

Username: jphuard
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 398
Galleries: 28
Collection: 16
Sightings: 12

Urban lumberjack, lover of music, typewriters, technology, and much more.

1935 Corona Standard Type Sample


1935 Corona Standard Photo Gallery

This typewriter has several "special" key tops that add to its charm and character

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