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195x Olivetti Studio 42

Serial #801719

What a fantastic machine. Despite being in crinkly paint I do like it very, very much. The solidity and weight - you can see where Studio 44 came from, the touch remains very similar to Invicta/ICO. It has a personality too - showing in some springs singing to the hit of the typebars. The design bits are awesome:
1. infinity sign-shaped carriage lock
2. chunky colour ribbon selector and tabulator setting lever
3. chromed lip around the typebars
4. "ventillation" ducts at the back
5. big, fat rollers on paper bail
6. superb line spacing selector
7. line spacing selector marker years ahead of the Google's location marker

Owned By: Piotr Trumpiel

Username: zetix
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 5267
Galleries: 275
Collection: 108
Sightings: 167

195x Olivetti Studio 42 Type Sample


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