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1945 Olivetti Studio 42

Serial #582037

A larger portable, the Studio 42 will be a part of my collection forever. Let me explain.
While the Ico might have obvious beauty with its high gloss, petite frame, and sexy lines, the Studio 42 possesses its own subtle charms.
She covers up, keeps clean, remains composed and understated.
Moreover, the Ico may be an actress, the Studio 42 is a dancer, a violinist, a sculptress, an artist.
She doesn't boast. She looks good in the morning and without makeup.

My machine types fantastic and is in tremendous shape. What's more is that it features a QWERTY keyboard and is just the right size where if you want to turn on the speed, she'll hang in there with you.

Mine shipped from the Netherlands where the seller, a typewriter collector (maybe even active here on the database) made the painstaking decision to move it to another collector because of a changing taste and space issues. The back story of this particular machine goes further in that it belonged to his grandfather who used it during WW2 in his bakery..

Owned By: Michael Yulo

Username: michaeliany
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 121
Galleries: 6
Collection: 5
Sightings: 1

I live in Orange County, California with a wife and 2 sons, I have 50+ machines, my favorite brands are probably Olympia and Voss for their engineering but I've also got a thing for Olivetti for its style. Nothing too unique there. Nowadays however, I'm into 1930s and 1940s glass-topped machines and I am increasing my education on those brands and models. I think this site will help. Thanks to Ted Munk!

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