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1952 Smith Corona Silent

Serial #5S 310207

This belongs to the Upper Peninsula Steam & Gas Engine Association Museum in Escanaba, MI.
It is a free museum with some 60,000 items in it's collection, only 12 of which are typewriters, but about $500 in annual maintenance budget. The operational status of the museum's typewriters is usually not good.
They weren't so much "donated" as "salvaged", but history is history, and the hope is that, as de facto curator, I can get some help in repairing the machines.


Sighted By: Timothy Conine

Username: Companynine
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 127
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I recently acquired my third classic Remington Typewriter (In three years) and I am the deFacto curator of Typewriters, cameras and other small gadgets at The Upper Penninsula Steam & Gas Engine Assn. (UPSGEA) Museum in Escanaba, MI. I have a diffficult time locating serial numbers on the oddballs, so if you can help, please do!
The Museum has an 1894 L.C. Smith, Oliver, Underwood, and Elliot Fischer models, Which I hope to have in my album, soon!

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