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1947 Smith Corona Silent

Serial #4S 122155

I've been looking for a speedline Smith-Corona ever since I first laid my eyes on one, but all the ones I've seen in person have been overpriced.

This particular Silent was about 10 feet from the Clipper that I uploaded yesterday. I wonder if they were owned by the same person. This one was slightly dirtier, but cheaper, so I bought it. I'm so glad I did. It's got all the good things about the Smith-Corona Super 5's touch, but it is faster and more raw feeling than any Super 5 I've used. It's prettier too!

Although the exterior is not so nice and chipping on the back, the guts are shockingly clean. Just look at the gallery photos. Whoever once owned this didn't keep the outside so nice looking, but kept the guts pristine.

I love that dealer decal. A little obtrusive, especially on a black typewriter, but nice nonetheless.

Although this typewriter is great and I think was a pretty good buy, it was the least interesting and most expensive typewriter I bought that day. I'll get the other two uploaded some time this week.

Given to a friend.

Owned By: Jack B

Username: JustAnotherGuy
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1947 Smith Corona Silent Type Sample


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