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1974 IBM Selectric II

Serial #26 2420762

Font selection #2

Purchased for $15 from an estate auction in Ely, IA on 8/13/2011. It also came with a cleaning kit, three fonts, a typewriter stand, and felt pad.

Her name is Bluebell and she is, hands-down, my favorite electric typewriter. I also own 11 different fonts for her.

Owned By: Jessica Winkowski

Username: radioactivealchemist
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 713
Galleries: 112
Collection: 91
Sightings: 21

I've been collecting typewriters since 2010 and currently have 90+ machines in my possession. While I have my personal collection, I also clean up typewriters for sale and would like to learn to repair and restore them, too.

1974 IBM Selectric II Type Sample


1974 IBM Selectric II Photo Gallery

Font selection #1

Font selection #2

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