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1979 IBM Selectric II

Serial #26-4833638

A Classic Blue wide carriage Selectric II with Correction. I've refurbished it a full solvent bath, synthetic lubrication and new sound-deadening foam. Came with a used but good factory IBM cover.

I added this one to the database since you don't often see this color. It has not been painted and the original finish is nearly scratch-free.

Model - 895


Sighted By: Clark Hinson

Username: professorc30
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 530
Galleries: 23
Collection: 6
Sightings: 17

I love mechanical things and have tinkered with manual and electric typewriters since my teens. I have always been fascinated by the IBM Selectric, but it was later in life that I finally got my hands on one to explore. I learned to repair/restore them and suddenly I have several of them. I don't really consider myself a collector, but rather a restorer. I enjoy bringing old machines back to usable condition and then pass them on to other people to use and enjoy.

1979 IBM Selectric II Type Sample


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