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1966 Royal Safari

Serial #SA6 682655

This one was from eBay ($35 shipped). Fortunately for me the dull colors only attracted one other bidder. Aside from a little dust, this machine seems barely used and looks like it was locked away for these 50 years. It has no signs of ever being serviced and is about as pristine as it gets.

This typer combines the space-age 1960's design elements with an all-metal body-- except for the plastic keyboard shroud. It had the Royal Twin-Pak ribbon holders but does accommodate open-spool ribbons. It's only a fair typer though, with occasional half spaces inserted if I type too fast. The escapement seems stiff so it takes a little more force than it should when hitting the space bar.

The curiosity of this model of course is the lack of a paper bail (what were they thinking?) as well as no paper support post on the carriage. The carriage-wide card guide makes centering text easy and works well as a paper bail substitute but I'll take a nice paper bail any day.

Owned By: Barry Wolt

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I'm an electrical engineer with a penchant for writing that loves these marvels of mechanical engineering.

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