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1946 Underwood SS

Serial #11-6080696


According to the database table, the Underwood SS starts at serial # 6000000, so this would be an SS model... Right?...

Picked up this beast in an antique shop in St. Louis Missouri. It's clunky and dirty, but like a true Underwood it still works under all the grime and rust. The only issue is a jamming ribbon vibrator, I'll fix that when I get back home.


I spent all of today working on this one. It was so filled with dust it was almost comical. It works great and is now much cleaner inside and out. I still have a lot of work to do, obviously, but this is good for now.

That metal ruler thing at the top (I'm sure it has a real name) was already missing a lot of paint so I scraped the rest off and polished the bare metal. I think it looks nice.

Right margin stop is missing a little piece that helps it move, so to set that stop I need patience and a screwdriver.

The "before" pictures are below in the photo gallery.

Given away to a friend.

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1946 Underwood SS Type Sample


1946 Underwood SS Photo Gallery


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