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1946 Underwood SS

Serial #11-6064209

This 1946 Standard is in great shape. Mechanically it's in need of nothing really, other than a repair to a cracked spacebar that I fixed with some epoxy and a small strip of fiberglass circuit board material. It doesn't even need any lubrication or adjustment. I just wiped it with a dry cloth and buffed and polished some of the chrome metal parts. This is actually my very first Underwood Standard machine. I had no idea what great typers these things are. I really like desktop typewriters for their heft and precision and speed. This machine is quiet, precise, behaves perfectly, shifts very easily, has great and lively type action, is well aligned on the page, and just feels great to use. I can imagine spending a lot of time on this thing without tiring. The typeface is 10-pitch pica. What an enjoyable machine this is.

Owned By: Brad Sarno

Username: bradsarno
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I've spent my life as a mechanical and electronics tinkerer, bikes, cars, lawnmowers, appliances, cameras, audio gear, guitars, amplifiers, and pedal steel guitars. I was trained as a typist for 2 years back in the late 70's on IBM Selectric II's. At home I recall my mother having an Olympia SM3. More recently we got our daughter a typewriter for Christmas, and that somehow sparked my own personal interest in these fine and interesting machines. Now it's a habit that just won't quit. Daily searches on Craigslist, frequent trips to antique stores & malls, garage sales, etc. It's a fun and healthy addiction.

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