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1979 Olympia SG3

Serial #7-5074964

TOP GUN. Crew by M.G. Sheftall.


Was surprised to see this was made in Mexico. Sturdy build, clear triangular paper support, snazzy red carriage removal levers inside rather than the cheaper grey ones from my later model. Gummy but still types like a charm - will love to use this once I've cleaned it up! Not exactly what I'd call portable. Ace felt underpad makes it almost quiet.

Owned By: John Munroe

Username: jamunroe
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From Toronto Canada. Tokyo-based entrepreneur since 1998 and meditation teacher since 2000. Learned to type in Grade 9 following mind-altering lunches and still experience flashbacks while typing. Mother did shorthand and typed 90 wpm as stenographer, dad pecked out haiku on his old typewriter as long as I remember. Moved to thermal printing, 8-character display CanoWord Pen 24 in 1986 when my typewriter broke, then to FujiXerox, Mac and iPhone. Bought my first typewriter of the new millennium (a Lettera 32) in March 2015. Muscle memory has graduated to neural reboot--every moment at the typewriter brings back fresh memories of type-happy childhood and visions of literary grandeur. Use typewriter for inspiration/rough drafts and computer/iPhone (Scrivener/Evernote) for polishing.

1979 Olympia SG3 Type Sample


1979 Olympia SG3 Photo Gallery

With my newer 80s machine in the background.

The red carriage removal lever mechanism is more refined on my latest acquisition to the rear with the red levers. Snazzy!

Paper support in pristine condition.

Plastic logo badges rather than paint on this model.

TOP GUN. Crew by M.G. Sheftall.

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