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1983 Olympia SG3

Serial #4822971

1983 Olympia SG3

Chassis' serial number: 7-4822971
Carriage's serial number: M8-4822971
Made in Mexico, in 1983

The type style looks like the computer's font known as Larabiefont. Since I am from Mexico, this typewriter has the Mexican keyboard set, ready for writing in Spanish...xD

I bought it at $2200 MXN on July 20, 2015, the same day when I turned 24 years old. So, I consider it my own birthday's gift given from myself to myself. The main reason I bought it is the quantity of functions it has and the quality of type printing it has...xD

This machine I bought was a poor lemon, so it needed some tune-up and forming first. After the required reparations, this machine prints its typefaces with such a fine quality... It seems a computer...xD

Due to its enormous, huge and giant size, I named it "Giantess". Its design remembers me a spaceship from a sci-fi TV series...xD

The Olympia SG 3 (second and third generations, from 1970 to 1985 and from 1986 to 2007) is the mainstream, standard model in almost all Mexican offices, schools and all places where a typewriter is needed, so this model is quite easy to find in Mexico...xD

Owned By: Joshua Beta

Username: JoshBeta1
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I still use typewriters as writing machines, not just for collecting them. :P

1983 Olympia SG3 Type Sample

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