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1967 Olympia SG3

Serial #7-1584266

This was in terrible shape when I got it... it came from a salvaged house that was torn down, along with another SG3 in worse shape. They were both filthy, so a extensive exterior cleaning was done.

I love this machine. So great to type with, and a carriage that feels like it is floating in air are just two of the many perks this machine has to offer. If you find one, buy it!

I have had this machine a few months now, but right when I got it I had no idea how to fix it, so I just oiled everything. Big mistake. Now I have it covered constantly to keep that pesky dust away.


Dunk cleaned to remove all the excess grease and nastiness. It works so much better now!

I decided that since I was already getting pictures of this SG3's older brother that I may as well get better pictures of this one.


A few months after the dunk, and it is even worse than before. It is very sluggish now, even more so than before. I'm getting really frustrated here.

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1967 Olympia SG3 Type Sample


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