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1960 Olympia SG1

Serial #7-609568

And, of course, the obligatory nameplate.  I also like the detail on the wrinkle paint in this one.  Life's more interesting with wrinkles!   :-)

The serial number on the carriage support is 8-629653 (12" carriage).

The paint was roughly battleship grey, still wrinkle-textured. There were some sections in the original green livery that had worn thin and were showing through as grey, so I cleaned it just for the aesthetics of uniformity. I did find an appropriate product with which to paint the shell to bring back the original hue but it didn't look right with the delightful fingerprint-y texture of the real thing.

This SG1 comes with the Senatorial typeface (#71, 11-pitch) - a very good approximation to which is the 11-point setting of LarabieFont Regular, a free licence for such is available through fontspring. (See link below).

The typewriter itself is in splendid mechanical condition - nary a spot of rust inside. I cleaned the typeslugs most diligently, but as you can see from one of the close-ups below it could use a proper micro-cleaning.

I apologise for many of the following photos: they were taken with my phone in poor light. There is too much of the LED blue tint to them, and not enough focus. My new camera is much better than the dreadfully embarrassing iPhone jobbie I was using, so I am sprucing up this gallery to suit.

[SPECIAL PLUG] This is the 'Schreibmaschine' that will be putting in a showing at the Cincinnati Type-In on the 26th of April - apparently there is an Adler Universal 39 with which we will be comparing it. :-)

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I'm a mathematics teacher and I enjoy old technologies.

1960 Olympia SG1 Type Sample


1960 Olympia SG1 Photo Gallery

With user's manual and other clutter.

Straight on. The colour is more blue than it should be.

Why all the odd tools out? I was measuring: ribbon spools = 2" diameter, spindle diameter = 0.1551" (3.95 mm), and the ribbon thickness = 0.0033".

All the bits-n-pieces.

"Naked", as they say.

Ever been to the Science Museum in London? This shot reminds me of the replica they have there of Babbage's Analytical Engine. Neat, clean actuator levers - but such large feet!

If you peer closely enough there is a + symbol in the centre of each typeslug that bears another symbol (I haven't cracked that code yet - I'll get the chaps from Bletchley on it) and a far less abstruse identifier for the typeface (#71) and action ("7,6" meaning 7.6 mm).

Much better in its replacement green shell. Ninja turtles, eat your hearts out!

Pure art-in-steel.

Serial numbers: Frame above, carriage support rail on bottom.


Notice the metal-reinforced woven drawband. I haven't seen that on earlier models than this 1960. You can also see the SN on the carriage support.

And, of course, the obligatory nameplate. I also like the detail on the wrinkle paint in this one. Life's more interesting with wrinkles! :-)

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