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1957 Olympia SM3

Serial #935511

Black/red ribbons have become really rare in Ukraine, since Kores stopped their production. And — shame on me — this typewriter was bought primarily to acquire four intact dual colour ribbons on spools, which came with it. I had no need to buy another Latin machine, already having great Alpina then, and intended to resell it immediately.

But this SM3, which actually cost me nothing (given ribbons price as for 2015), appeared to be a nice and solid typewriter. Nice optical and great mechanical condition, also fresh rubber (the best among my machines). Definitely not that noisy as I expected.

Predictably enough, it wasn't sold immediately. And wasn't sold later. In fact, I'm unsure when this sale will happen.

Owned By: Alex Sandler

Username: sandler
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 722
Galleries: 27
Collection: 18
Sightings: 9

Slowly tracking back a complicated history of Soviet typewriters.

1957 Olympia SM3 Type Sample


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