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195X Olympia SM3

Serial #Unknown

This was my second typewriter. It's also the one that started me down the path to learning repair and restoration. This SM3 does not have a tabulator; often these are mistaken for SM2's for that reason.

I found it in a local classifieds ad for $30, but it turned out to be filthy and the carriage was not working properly. I offered $20 and figured it would be a low-risk experiment to teach me about the inner workings of a typewriter.

The carriage moved from left to right but would not stop moving until it reached the end of the right margin. I tried sliding it back and forth while engaging the space bar or various keys; eventually the escapement got back on track and did its job properly.

SM's with grey paint collect all kinds of dirt to the outer shell and this one was no different. It cleaned up surprisingly well with dish soap. I used steel wool to remove surface rust and then used rubbing alcohol to clean the dirt on the metal surfaces. Last I replaced the ribbon as the old ribbon was faded and smelled of mold.

Overall I learned a lot from this purchase. I had to locate sources for troubleshooting mechanical problems and discovered an entire Typosphere in the process. I gained confidence in my mechanical abilities, which has allowed me to buy other machines with light distress.

Owned By: Scott O

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Writer, collector and typewriter tinkerer based in the Seattle area, WA State, U.S.A.

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