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1958 Olympia SM3

Serial #1185469

Found this gem in a thrift store this year. After some cleaning and oiling and a ribbon, it works as well as it did in half a century ago. The keys are comfortable, the control levers are all metal and it is a joy to use.

This carriage-shift machine developed a scraping sound when slapping the line space lever while furiously typing away. When shifted it didn't scrape. Incisive detective work revealed that the sound came from the tab stops scraping on the back housing.

The culprit turned out to be the rubber chassis mounts to the housing were compressed to a fraction of their former selves. That set the whole chassis lower in the housing. Amazing what 57 years of gravity will do. The fix was inserting rubber shims made from a bicycle tire tube repair kit.

I had to take the housing off so it's a photo op updating the pix!

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I'm an electrical engineer with a penchant for writing that loves these marvels of mechanical engineering.

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