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1958 Olympia SM3

Serial #1297518

Gold-plated. Got it with Richard Polt at an antique store in Claremont, CA.
He was generous enough to let me have it since he already has one. He also put $20 towards the typewriter when i was close to walking out because the salesperson wouldn't bargain down a penny.

This machine came with a correction tape ribbon which i switched out in the middle of taking pictures and right before i did the type sample. Stupid correction tape! Why would you put such a thing in a freakin' gold typewriter???

I hardly ever use this because ...well, it's gold. It is in good shape with all functionality and no sticking keys. I haven't ever cleaned it yet either. One of these days when i get brave enough and also find out what the best thing to clean it with are. Probably just soap and water.

Owned By: Michael Yulo

Username: michaeliany
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I live in Orange County, California with a wife and 2 sons, I have 50+ machines, my favorite brands are probably Olympia and Voss for their engineering but I've also got a thing for Olivetti for its style. Nothing too unique there. Nowadays however, I'm into 1930s and 1940s glass-topped machines and I am increasing my education on those brands and models. I think this site will help. Thanks to Ted Munk!

1958 Olympia SM3 Type Sample


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