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1958 Olympia SM3

Serial #1233833

My current workhorse for writing.

Nicknamed "Southpaw" because she's missing the left platen knob.

Could use some restoration, but everything is incredibly minor and knit-picky. Works wonderfully. Addictive and very fast. I clock in faster on this typewriter than I do on a laptop keyboard for whatever reason.

Previous owner/seller sprayed what I suspect was WD40 on it and the result was that the distinctive red in the De Luxe etching on the segment came totally free. The letter 'a' is a tad higher than all of the rest -- the rest are level with each other.

Typeface is a kind of Pica. When comparing to the NOMDA scans, the W and M are shared with Diamond as their peaks are all aligned. Definitely 10 pitch.

Owned By: William Tedeschi

Username: Baekgu
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 57
Galleries: 4
Collection: 3
Sightings: 1

I began using typewriters when I realized that digital workflow really didn't work too well for me. I write almost all of my drafts longhand with a fountain pen (my first love) then type out after via a typewriter.

Typewriters, to me, can be split into two grades like fountain pens: user and collector. All of my typewriters are certainly user grade! That doesn't mean they're ratty, it just means they're not mint condition. :-) I'm a user more than a collector and the typewriters I own (as with my pens) were purchased because of their draw. Portables are my cup of tea as desktop models are... kinda unsightly beasts. I also tend to lug one around!

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