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1958 Olympia SM3

Serial #1331770

This beauty was one of my first typewriters and it's by far the greatest one I have. If it wasn't so heavy, I would only use this typewriter.
It was as good as new when I found it, and it don't have a single sign of rust anywhere. I was so exited about getting such a great typewriter in total mint condition.
Again, I'm from Denmark, so the keyboard is Danish, with extra Æ, Ø and Å Keys, to the right.

Owned By: Karl Joelsen

Username: Joelsen
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 155
Galleries: 8
Collection: 8
Sightings: 0

I just started collecting typewriters a little less than a year ago.
I own 10 of them, but only 8 1/2 of them are in working condition at the moment.

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