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1961 Olympia SM4

Serial #1751311

Bought for $10 at a yard sale in 2014. The paper rest on the back is broken off, and it needed to have the rubber case-to-frame cushions taken out and turned over so the carriage wouldn't hit the case. And after a new ribbon it types great!
But the keyboard is slightly undersized; it measures 6.5 inches from the p to the q key (all of my other typers measure 6.75 inches). So there is always a re-learning period when I switch typers to this one. Case color is green (olive maybe?) and it uses a strange sized 11-pitch font -- neither 10-pitch nor 12-pitch. The font looks good though.

Owned By: Jer Wal

Username: treefaller
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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The pounding typebar, having writ, moves on... unless there's a ding.

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