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1935 Royal O

Serial #O-428038

Michigan antique mall purchase. A real basket case. Seems like everything is seized up. Not a smidgen of lubrication anywhere. The carriage won't move to the left or right without a grinding noise. The platen won't move by turning the ends. The keybars are slow, some won't come up at all.
I only managed a bit of a typeface specimen by forcing the carriage and using carbon paper.
No longer own this machine.

Sighted By: Tom Beauvais

Username: TomA2Mich
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1192
Galleries: 60
Collection: 33
Sightings: 27

Changed my collecting priorities to portables except the Olympia SG3 with the cyrillic keyboard and my Underwood No. 5--those beasts are too heavy. Sold my earlier typewriters to a friend. I had too many. I use carbon paper for typefaces when the machines have faint ribbons. I take photos with my Canon Powershot SX50HS (50x optical zoom and macro settings). I find it difficult doing typeface specimens since I use a Corsair K70 RGB gaming keyboard plugged into my 15-in Macbook. I got it solely for the deep key travel. I have fun hunting machines in antique malls in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

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