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1944 Groma Modell N

Serial #249294

This machine (to me at least) was an exceptional find... If you've looked at the other machines I've posted, you may have gathered at this point that I love provenance for machines. I bought it off of eBay from a museum in North Dakota, and chances are they didn't realize what they had.

If you look in the additional photos of this machine, you'll see it's gorgeous curves and chocolate brown color. You'll also see, in the picture that's a top-down view of the keyboard, that the 3 key has a special symbol on it. The other photo is of a card identifying the machine when it sat in a museum.

The card reads:
WAS Joe M.Bogner, Lefor

-note the A B U letters..
made in Germany

from Theresa Bogner Montee Nelson

From the information on the card, I started doing a bit of research, and this is what I came up with:

Joseph M. Bogner was born on the 19th of July, 1897 in St Andreas (probably Szentendre, Hungary). I believe he was one of several brothers who immigrated from Hungary to Stark County in North Dakota together, the brothers being Frank J. (born 5 Jun. 1893), Philipp (born 21 Oct. 1894) and possibly also John (born 30 Dec. 1884). Per his registration card (at age 21), Joseph worked for a relative, Peter Bogner.

In 1940, at age 42, Joseph Bogner was married to a 28 year old woman named Catherine (Dengel) Bogner and had three children: Theresa (age 9, who later donated this typewriter to the museum in ND), Ethel (age 7), and Joseph (age 5). Later on came another daughter, Lucille.

(this is per Military Conscription records as well as records from the 1940 census)

Given the nature of this typewriter, I think it would be reasonable to assume it was a war bring-back that has seen some crazy stuff...

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