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1946 Olivetti MP1 Ico

Serial #N 96414

Strange about this mint black wrinkle color example of the well known MP1 "ICO" is the "N" prefix.
Usually ICOs serial numbers dont come with prefix.
As I've already said, the condition of this one is more than amazing. Believe me when I say that the ones just arrived from the dealer's store dont came better than this one.
Strange it has in the upper row of keys one with the digit "1" (my first ICO with this particular key, and, as long as I check the other examples in this Database, is very uncommon indeed).
Look the way she writes: clear print, light on the move, delicious to use and enjoy.
Surely will be my "all day typewriter" from now on.

Owned By: Guillermo Fernandez Boan

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 6168
Galleries: 277
Collection: 277
Sightings: 0

Argentinian lawyer resident in Buenos Aires city.
For half a century, enthusiast typist. Now enthusiast typewriter hunter.

1946 Olivetti MP1 Ico Type Sample


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