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1965 Olivetti Lettera 32

Serial #2599711

I won this on an Ebay auction. The ribbon that came with it was completely dried out and so I had no idea what to expect. I changed it out and to my surprise I found I had a cursive typer on my hands.

I don't use it as much as I would if it had an elite or pica non cursive typeface, but I am glad I have it in my collection. One note: typing with single line spacing tends to scrunch the lines so that the cursive flourishes are clipped and cut off by the previous and next line of text. This is very noticeable in the typeface specimen, where the cap 'Y' is cut off on top.

Other thing to notice, the Lettera 32 has a 1 key, which I'm assuming is because the cursive lowercase 'L' does not make a good stand in for the 1.

As of these photos, I have not given the machine any rigorous cleaning. That'll come next time I get my three day weekend. Also to note in the photos, the differences between natural light and bulb light are that the machine appears green or blue. The natural light photos, where the Lettera 32 is blue, are what the machine actually looks like.

This Olivetti Lettera 32 was made in Italy and has a 12 cpi script typeface.

Owned By: Luke Smultz

Username: LukeSmo
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Austin Texas.

1965 Olivetti Lettera 32 Type Sample


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