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1977 Olivetti Lettera 25

Serial #6016142

I purchased this machine from Ebay. I have yet to meet an Olivetti I didn't like. While not as sexy as a 31 or 32, this light weight machine feels great under the fingers.
I already had a Lettera 25 (made in Mexico), but this one cost me just $26 with free shipping. It is in very good condition, and despite it's lack of bells and whistles like tab sets (which I rarely use anyway), this reliable little sweetheart weighs about the same as a mid-weight laptop.

NOTE: In this photo I created a "two-tone" look by borrowing the ribbon cover from my Mexican made Lettera 25 (sn 7932573).

April 8, 2017 UPDATE: Changed the status of this machine to "Sighted" because I just gave it to a friend who wants a typewriter. Another convert for the revolution!

Sighted By: tom hitt

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Retired school teacher, now busy cooking and writing. Typewriters fascinate me, I'm mostly interested in Portables from the 50's-70's.

1977 Olivetti Lettera 25 Type Sample


1977 Olivetti Lettera 25 Photo Gallery

Ribbon cover is from another Lettera 25 that I have- I like the two-tone effect.

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