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1958 Rheinmetall KsT

Serial #495936

Typewriter complete and fully functional. Small repair otherwise original condition, cleaned and lubricated.

VEB Büromaschinenwerk Rheinmetall Sömmerda

Owned By: Torsten Ludwar

Username: Luto77
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2331
Galleries: 56
Collection: 49
Sightings: 7

I am fascinated by the mechanics of the various typewriters. I love the challenge to repair even severe cases. I'm trying to preserve the testimonies of the history of the typewriters.

I live in Dresden, so I am interested especially for the history of Seidel & Naumann AG and the typewriters model 'Erika' before and after the 2nd World War produced in Dresden.

Member of international forum historic office world (I.F.H.B. e.V.)

1958 Rheinmetall KsT Type Sample


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