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1939 Royal KHM

Serial #18-1929983

An absolute behemoth. Found it on the floor of a flea market. After I bought it, the seller asked if I needed help carrying it. I turned him down and then instantly regretted it after I barely made it to my car. Easily 75 pounds, if not more. I stand corrected: 43 pounds after weighing it. Heaviest 43 pounds I've ever lifted.

Update: I've changed the year of manufacture to 1939 because the serial number appears to be more in line with that year than '37.

Owned By: Rolf Boone

Username: rolfboone
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 362
Galleries: 25
Collection: 23
Sightings: 2

Spotted a Royal KMG at a thrift store one day and it became a surprising source of inspiration.

1939 Royal KHM Type Sample


1939 Royal KHM Photo Gallery

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