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1936 Royal KHM

Serial #KHM-1863385

I bought this for $30 at the estate sale of my neighbor. It looked ugly, sticky brown because of tobacco smoke residue. Lots of cleaning, however, showed that it is a black beauty underneath. Now it's the queen of my stable!
It uses an elite sized font. I had to reduce the draw tape tension considerably to fix the escapement jumps, and then I lightly sanded the platen to take down the ridges that had formed over the years. It has a wonderful touch, but it is not a very fast typer. I have to adopt the "rhythm" method of typing to keep the typebars from jamming.

Owned By: Jer Wal

Username: treefaller
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 452
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The pounding typebar, having writ, moves on... unless there's a ding.

1936 Royal KHM Type Sample


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I love the gold Royal decal on the front nameplate!

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