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1936 Royal KHM

Serial #KHM-1869193

1936 Royal KHM

Bought at an antique store for $30. Obviously, this was repainted, probably some time in the mid 50's. It also had several parts swapped and interchanged, it can be noted that the "hood" of the typewriter came from a decimal tabulator version. I like it, whoever rebuilt it knew what they were doing. The paint is very professional, but not quite factory quality. As you can see, it has started to flake on one side.

It is a very nice typer, but nothing out of the ordinary. It is actually a little dull to use, but it is great for those moments when you just need a sober machine that works quickly and reliably.

The original platen that was on this typewriter had become very lumpy and unusable, I'll get pictures of it soon. I replaced it with a pristine platen from a parts Royal 10, so it's all good now. I do have to wonder how the platen every came to be that way, though. My primary hypothesis at the moment is that the wood core got wet and swelled, stretching the rubber around it.

Still need to get around to that type sample, though...


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1936 Royal KHM Type Sample

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