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1937 Royal KHM

Serial #KHM12-2056844

Scored for $50 through an antiques salesman. Works fine, types well.

UPDATE: (9/3/14) I got this machine on October 25th 2013, a week to the day after I got the parts Royal HH. That makes this machine my first functional desktop typewriter.

Owned By: Ian Brumfield

Username: T1peM0nkey
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1166
Galleries: 85
Collection: 76
Sightings: 9

I've been hunting for typewriters since 2012, but I've loved them for long before that... about 2003. In the short amount of time in which I've started seriously collecting I've amassed a collection of over 65 machines (now specializing in Royals), one of which is parts. At the ripe old age of 20, to boot!

In November of 2013 I participated in National Novel Writing Month and hit a pretty decent 105,991 words; all written on manual machines. I think that this is a new record, but there isn't any official record keeping in the Typewriter Brigade.

I also run The Daily Clipper, which while admittedly abandoned for 2 years is back up and running, soon to bring you articles on all sorts of history. Scheming and planning a website on the same domain.

1937 Royal KHM Type Sample


1937 Royal KHM Photo Gallery

Visible in this picture and the others around it, there is a little chip out of the paint in one of the ribbon caps. That particular cap doesn't click down without a little help, and the previous owner chipped it with the carriage return lever.

Water has gotten underneath the right shift and margin release keys, making them virtually unreadable.

Accurate Office Equipment is still around in the town that this machine came from!

The chip in the paint on the left ribbon cap was done long before I got this machine.

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