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1960 Royal FP

Serial #FPP-7066895

I bought this from a friend for $25 who had bought it for her grandmother who does not like computers. It's official: I am a Royal standard addict! Maybe someday I will find a Royal No. 10 or even a No. 5...(sigh)

This machine has a lighter and less sharp feel compared to my HH, and even is quieter. It is almost unsettling!

I still have not quite figured out the gimmicky "Line Meter." While Smith Coronas are the Bane of my existence, their "Page Gage" is much more handy.

Not my favorite typer, but a good Royal, all the same. My one and only (hopefully forever) standard with pica. There is nothing wrong with pica per se, I am just an Elite Man, through and through.

Has an original cover labeled " ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO. CHICAGO S.S. INC." I wonder what that is? In any case, this machine had a long trip from there to Phoenix. Oh the stories it could tell...

Owned By: Jake Fischer

Username: jfisch
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 131
Galleries: 14
Collection: 9
Sightings: 5

I am a typewriter collector and amateur repairman who became obsessed after typing at a young age on my grandfather's Olivetti Lettera 22, which he soon gave to me. Now I have had over ten typewriters in my collection, flipping the less valuable ones for a low price to fund my obsession.

At one point, I was weary of polish; now I see the wonderful shine that Meguiar's cleaning wax brings to a glossy paint. I still avoid polishing nickle or chrome, for I hear that patina is valuable on old metal. However, I refuse to use the devil's website, also known as Ebay. Just too many deaths by shipping...and unacceptably exuberant prices...

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