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1954 Underwood De Luxe

Serial #A2548823

1954 Underwood De Luxe

Two-tone brown and cream machine with coordinating case. Elite type (12 cpi) in standard Roman serif face. Typeslugs have code "DE" except for some special characters.

42 character keys, no "1/!" key.

Mismatched knobs: left-hand knob with ratchet engage/disengage pushbutton is tan to match the rest of the machine. Righ-hand knob is black plastic. A replacement knob? No signs of repair stickers on machine or case.

Carriage lock appears to be missing, or is not where paperwork indicates: "Simply lift the lock at the left hand side of the carriage..."

Ephemera included in the case:
- grey plastic type-brush with "Underwood" on handle
- "Your keys to... SUCCESS" manual
- Fold out poster showing features of the machine, copyright 1955

Owned By: Mike Clemens

Username: mpclemens
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 34
Galleries: 5
Collection: 4
Sightings: 1

1954 Underwood De Luxe Type Sample

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