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1954 Underwood De Luxe

Serial #A 2515413

Not a very good shot - sorry!  I blame the photographer.   :-)

This belongs to my Father-in-Law, who bought it as a high school student with money earned from odd-jobbing.

I love the chocolate-and-cream colour scheme of this typewriter, and the art deco styling. It types extremely well, and feels very light to the touch. Only two problems: first, the letter "U" does not type for some reason (embarrassing for an Underwood). My guess is that this is due to the fact that it's impinging upon the ribbon vibrator instead of striking the platen, either because of a bent typebar or some quirk of the mechanism that makes the ribbon vibrator to lurch to the right as the U approaches. It all happens so quickly that it's hard to tell what's going on.

Second... well, it's missing carriage return / line space lever, isn't it. The lever has been twisted off, leaving the torqued remains of the hinge screw in place. It looks like a simple piece to fabricate if I had to make a rough replacement for it: cold-roll a stainless rod drill two holes - one for a pin to engage the line space ratchet (which is undamaged), and another for a new hinge post. It's not a high priority fix as you can achieve the same basic function by manually advancing a line and pushing the carriage back across. It would look nicer repaired, but my Father-in-Law isn't bothered by it.

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That almost counts as a type sample. The ribbon is upside down, though. No fear.

Not a very good shot - sorry! I blame the photographer. :-)

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