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1960 Smith Corona Galaxie

Serial #6T 257629X

Here's another thrift store machine. The good news is that it came with the (original maybe?) dust cover. The bad news was that the right side carriage release plastic lever is missing. It does have the left side release lever so all is not lost. It had three stiff aluminum dealer stickers (see the pix for the only one I kept on the back panel). Those crude animals! Heat gun and Goo-Gone got the stickers off without killing any paint fortunately. It had some sticky keys but works well now--and it's nice to have a "1" key! For 1960's typewriters we get the "1" key but we also get the introduction of plastic parts that just don't have the staying power of the earier all steel stuff. The keyboard tab controls are another plus on these. It types nicely but I find I jam keys often so I think it's just not as fast as my Olympia SM3.

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I'm an electrical engineer with a penchant for writing that loves these marvels of mechanical engineering.

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