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1953 Hermes Baby

Serial #5345987

Keyboard detail showing special language keys.

Spanish keyboard, with ñ and umlat and accent keys. A friend bought this from a person in Venezuela via eBay and thought it was a natural machine for me.

I think this is a Baby, the logo is worn off. If you can confirm or deny that would be great.

Owned By: Michael Rasmussen

Username: MichaelRpdx
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I was gifted a Hermes Rocket with a Spanish keyboard and a Optima Elite 3.
Feel fortunate for that introduction to typewriters and re-introduction to typewriting.

The herd continues to grow.

Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

1953 Hermes Baby Type Sample


1953 Hermes Baby Photo Gallery

Keyboard detail showing special language keys.

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