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1939 Royal Aristocrat

Serial #B-916830

Overall view in case.

A friend found this for me at a local antique shop. I was surprised at how good of condition the case was in. Inside was the original booklet that came with the machine and also the original brush. A few sticky parts which can be worked on but overall in great condition.

Owned By: Todd Kap-Kopp

Username: PowrHaus
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I just started collecting. My first purchase was a 1941 Underwood Model S. I then purchased a 1924 Remington Paragon 12. I have my eye on a few more. I really enjoy the workmanship of the desktop models and am constantly amazed at how well they hold up after all these years.

1939 Royal Aristocrat Type Sample


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Overall view in case.

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