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1950 Smith Corona Clipper

Serial #5C 126786

A yard sale find, in very good condition, found in a barn. A few keys stuck on the first two uses, and since have been quite free. Some eraser shavings were the only dirt. Dried ribbon on the original Smith-Corona spools. Decent platen. This is a very nice, functioning, and pretty typewriter in a very good fabric-covered wooden case, but it is a basic design with no tabs nor paper support.

Owned By: Michael Hoehne

Username: mhoehne
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 4102
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Collection: 233
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While I find all of mankind's inventions interesting, I am most enchanted by the human-scale arts and devices, the ones that can be created (and repaired) in a home workshop or studio; the ones that can be understood by looking at them; the ones that do something useful or stir admiration. Typewriters work for me.

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