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1947 Smith Corona Clipper

Serial #4C 171737

A Boeing B-314 flying boat performing the same maneuver as the B-314 in the decal.

I got this wonderful Clipper for Christmas in 2013. It types very well, but doesn't seem to appreciate speed all that much. It also does this odd thing with the spacebar occasionally where it seems to lock up for a single space. I'm chalking that up to not pressing the spacebar down far enough for the moment; I'll look around inside and see if something mechanical is involved. The paint on this machine is in perfect condition; no rust, no scratches, no dents or anything! The case is in the same condition. I have also noticed that the Clipper seems to prefer cotton ribbons to nylon alternatives, and once this nylon ribbon is spent I'll see about getting a cotton ribbon to replace it. The M, 6, and 9 keycaps have rotated over time; the latter of the three the most severely. There is some stubborn dirt inside the crinkle, and I am trying to get that out.

UPDATE: (9/3/14) I got this typewriter on February 5th 2014.

Owned By: Ian Brumfield

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I've been hunting for typewriters since 2012, but I've loved them for long before that... about 2003. In the short amount of time in which I've started seriously collecting I've amassed a collection of over 65 machines (now specializing in Royals), one of which is parts. At the ripe old age of 20, to boot!

In November of 2013 I participated in National Novel Writing Month and hit a pretty decent 105,991 words; all written on manual machines. I think that this is a new record, but there isn't any official record keeping in the Typewriter Brigade.

I also run The Daily Clipper, which while admittedly abandoned for 2 years is back up and running, soon to bring you articles on all sorts of history. Scheming and planning a website on the same domain.

1947 Smith Corona Clipper Type Sample


1947 Smith Corona Clipper Photo Gallery

Here you can see the crooked keycaps that I referenced in the main description.

The decal on the Clipper is in perfect condition. The airplane that it depicts is a Boeing B-314 flying boat, the zenith of flying boat technology most often used by Pan American Airways System, then BOAC, and after WW2 very few small airlines. The very last B-314 was scrapped in 1951.

A Boeing B-314 flying boat performing the same maneuver as the B-314 in the decal.

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