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196X Smith Corona Classic 12

Serial #6LTV 817308

I had been wanting to try the 6-series SCMs from the late 1960s and this was selling for a low price on a local classifieds site. This was a clean machine when I bought it. All functions were working so there was little I needed to do to put it into operation.

The platen is surprisingly springy; yet I don't think this is a replacement. The body is aluminum and it tends to rattle when typing. I've since learned this isn't uncommon with the 6-series.

Typing takes some getting used to. The escapement advances the carriage well before the type slugs hit the platen. If you're like me and don't have great typing technique, it's easy to skip spaces. The keyboard is one of the largest I've seen in a portable - I don't recommend buying one of these for a child or an adult with small hands. The key tops themselves are excellent, however. They're nicely contoured and make for a nice, big target.

Overall this is decent typer for casual use. I would need earplugs if I was writing a more than a couple of pages, though.

Owned By: Scott O

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Writer, collector and typewriter tinkerer based in the Seattle area, WA State, U.S.A.

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