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1964 Smith Corona Classic 12

Serial #6LTV 146185

Got this one at a local Goodwill for $13. Of course they are not rare but this one, though well used and dusty, was in good shape with no scratches and had intact carriage release plastic knobs (a weak spot on these SCMs). The color is a sparkly Star-Mist blue. I'm guessing it's from 1967 but could find no date code tag.

This is a later model Classic 12 so it's got all the doo-dads included:
- Two Changeable-Type keys (with a "1" key)
- De-Jammer key
- Power Space (love that)
- Tab bar with tab controls
- Half-space key
- Stainless steel erasure table
- Page Gauge (de rigueur for SCM but useful)

For a 1960's style note see the blue color-coordinated line space lever grip insert.

The only difficult rehabilitation issue was softening the rock-hard platen. The pinch rollers weren't gripping the paper so drastic measures were required. The winning softening method was a 24 hour soak in DOT3 brake fluid. It could have used a longer soak I think, but I was concerned that it may soften unevenly. Anyone with platen softening successes care to comment?

It's a nice, fast typer but I find that this model's keyboard side-to-side play is a bit distracting when I'm attempting to capture timeless inspiring English prose--or my weekly to-do list.

Owned By: Barry Wolt

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I'm an electrical engineer with a penchant for writing that loves these marvels of mechanical engineering.

1964 Smith Corona Classic 12 Type Sample


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