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1935 Underwood Champion

Serial #G764242

This absolutely beautiful machine came to me by way of Facebook, believe it or not! A woman in my area heard about my collection and contacted me through Facebook Messenger. She told me this had once been owned by her adoptive mother, who bought it brand new when she was a high school teacher, back in 1936.

It so happened that this woman, (the one I bought it from) was getting ready to move in with her daughter, and wanted to make sure the typewriter went to someone who would care for it and use it as it should be. We agreed on a $25 "re-homing fee" because she said she was more interested in its being in the possession of a collector than in the money she knew it was worth. Needless to day, we are both ecstatic. This has very quickly become my favorite of the bunch!

Extra cool aspect: All five of my sons went to the same high school the original owner taught at many years before, and in the same school district in which I was fortunate enough to spend the majority of my career.

Owned By: Crystal Bennett

Username: knittingbug
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I'm Crystal. I am a newspaper-published writer, Novelist-in-progress, blogger, former Behavior Specialist, and an Ordained Minister. I absolutely love typewriters, and am growing a small collection. I have raised five sons to adulthood, and yet, I can't keep potted plants alive more than a month. My husband and I spend way too much time together, but that's okay.

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