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1941 Underwood Champion

Serial #G1395828

I saved this from a local antique shop. The owner is a key chopper, she made it clear to me that if it didn't eventually sell, it's fate was to have it's keys poached with the rest headed to the scrap heap. I spent 15 minutes checking it over carefully to check it's functions and make sure that if anything needed repaired I could pull it off.

After getting things moving, I noticed that the only problem I could find was the ribbon direction changer was working in just one direction- the other direction felt jammed. Upon getting it home I discovered a small (half inch) ornamental pumpkin nested in the works. I gently removed it and boom! Ribbon changer fully functional.

It needs a good cleaning, but rest assured, I'll be typing on it.

April 9, 2015- just did a bit more cleaning on this beauty and changed the ribbon. Things are improving, but I feel the touch is too tight, unless typers in the 40's were stronger than I am; a distinct possibility. The lower part of the characters seem faded, I don't know how to adjust for that issue. Hmmm….

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Retired school teacher, now busy cooking and writing. Typewriters fascinate me, I'm mostly interested in Portables from the 50's-70's.

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