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1934 L.C. Smith 8

Serial #1143510B 26

This old monster is a 26" platten Statistical machine - for typing on the big old oaktag like statistical accounting pages, that were about 26" wide by 14" tall.
The basic body is an L C Smith # 8 12, but it's got the typebasket face from an olive green "Secretarial". Most of it is in it's original gloss black paint, except the paper table that was repainted at some point in black crinkle, as was the green panel from the 8 12. But, notice the peeling paint on the paper table shows through to the original gold leafed L C Smth Statistical decal, as well as the crinkle coat re-do
At some point, someone added a paper bail that is a 1/2" black cast iron pipe, supported on brackets that hinge from the top of the paper bail, and was heavy on purpose, to hold down the heavy stock statistical forms.

Owned By: Donald Lampert

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I am a decorative painter/artist, and do historic restoration of older homes, and theatres. Growing up in New Jersey, i took typing in 8th grade, and at the time hated it. I've since lived in Chicago, Minneapolis. and now a small town in rural SW Wisconsin.
My hobbies are collecting and restoring old phonographs, sewing machines, kitchen appliances, clocks and radios, vintage office equipment, and of course typewriters. I love vintage mechanical gadgets. At this point in my life, I am developing my writing skills, and have started on old typewriter short stories.

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