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1913 Royal 5

Serial #159190-5

Broken part of the ribbon vibrator.

I found this at a flea market that I visit from time to time. It is in very nice condition overall and works well, too.
It has some apothecary keys which is interesting.
I did not notice the ribbon vibrator bent when I got it so when I tried to fix it it broke. Right now a paper clip is holding the right side of the ribbon in place and it works okay. Also it did not come with any spools so the ribbon and spools from my '65 Sterling are being used for now.

There is two switches that I not sure how they function; one is on the carriage by the right platen knob. The other is by the ribbon selector switch.

Pretty cool machine overall and probably the shortest Standard typewriter I've seen.

Update - 8/5/2017 - I have been using this machine for the passed week, off and on, and I have to say that it is a nice machine to use. Definitely one of the nicer machines of this era. When compared to the Remington standard 10 and the LC Smith 5, this one is the nicer to use of the three.

The controls are well placed, too. The backspace and tab controls are right at your pinkies. It is different from most Royals, but that is not a bad thing! Not at all!

Left the collection on 5/11/2018.

Sighted By: Gerald Ambrose

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I started collecting typewriters several years ago and it started with a late 1960s Smith-Corona Sterling portable that I got as a gift.

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Broken part of the ribbon vibrator.

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