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1912 Royal 5

Serial #106328-5

Next to big brother, Royal 10

A very quirky machine. Not quite a standard, way too heavy for a portable. I love the type action on this one... the keys tilt forward! Probably not intentional, but I love it anyway.

This particular machine is a bit of a mess at the moment. I have so far reconnected the mainspring, but some seemingly important pieces are missing from the carriage so it wobbles like crazy.... I have to set the margins pretty close or I run the risk of having the carriage slide right off.

I can only type on half of the carriage, the other half is all gummed up. Once I get this all cleaned I would hope for it to be one of my go-to machines.

Although dirty, the paint and decals are in really great shape. This should clean up nicely...

Platen is an odd deep blue color.

Owned By: Jack B

Username: JustAnotherGuy
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1218
Galleries: 111
Collection: 44
Sightings: 67


1912 Royal 5 Type Sample


1912 Royal 5 Photo Gallery

Next to big brother, Royal 10

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