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1913 Blickensderfer 5

Serial #174035

emblem and type ball

In good shape, I still need to clean it. Got it for Christmas in 2012 from my brother who worked in Stamford, CT at the time.
Machine came with a bunch of extras including tweezers and an extra type ball. And a pretty neat Instructions and Care note.

Owned By: Michael Yulo

Username: michaeliany
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I live in Orange County, California with a wife and 2 sons, I have 50+ machines, my favorite brands are probably Olympia and Voss for their engineering but I've also got a thing for Olivetti for its style. Nothing too unique there. Nowadays however, I'm into 1930s and 1940s glass-topped machines and I am increasing my education on those brands and models. I think this site will help. Thanks to Ted Munk!

1913 Blickensderfer 5 Photo Gallery

obligatory Dhiatensor keyboard layout pic

sitting atop its case



Blickensderfer note

serial number (found on right side of carriage rail once you move the carriage to the left)

side shot

emblem and type ball

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